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One TV show joked that Sumy is a "city where nothing happens", but after reading this guide to the end, you will understand that it is the perfect place for a perfect weekend. Rich cultural heritage, kayaking, cycling, gastronomic events, theater, shopping ... And on top of that, it goes with a very acceptable price tag.
According to one version, the city got its name from the rivers Suma and Sumka. But there is also a legend that three hunting bags filled with gold were found on the site of the future settlement. Today they decorate the coat of arms of the city.

The founder of Sumy is a Cossack Herasym Kondratiev, who brought his “sotnya” (military unit of about hundred people) in 1655 to Slobozhanshchina. In the 18th century, a hussar regiment was formed in Sumy, which guarded the border and protected the population of the state.

The 19th century can be called the golden age, because the owners of sugar plants and philanthropists, the Kharitonenko family, invested a lot of money in the improvement of Sumy and radically changed its appearance.

the Trinity Cathedral
the Al’tanka
Kharkivs’ka St.
From Kyiv to Sumy

Every hour minibuses leave the capital from the bus station "Kyiv" (32 Simon Petliura St.), which is located near the main railway station. Three services conduct transportation: Elite Express (Еліт Експрес), SanAvto and Service Lux (Сервіс Люкс). The transportation fee is 300 hryvnias (1$ = 28-29 hryvnias), but sometimes it changes.

Keep in mind that if you arrive at Boryspil airport, the same minibuses will pick you up near the terminal, but in this case, the cost increases by 50 hryvnias. A seat must be booked in advance on the website or by phone. Trip to Sumy takes about 5 hours.

from ₴ 300
From Minsk to Sumy
You can get on a direct train "Minsk-Zaporizhzhia", on the way you will spend about 14 hours. The cost of a seat in economy class starts from 1,200 hryvnias, a compartment seat - from 1,800 hryvnias.

from ₴ 1 200
Public transport
from ₴ 7
Public transport in Sumy consists of minibuses (“marshrutka”), buses and trolleybuses. The fare in the trolleybus and bus is 4 hryvnias, in the minibus - 7 hryvnias. If you go by minibus, do not forget to shout to the driver "At the stop, please!" (“Na zupynci, bud` laska!”). Do it approximately 50 metres before your destination. As you can see, interpersonal communication is very much appreciated in Sumy. To pay for the ride, give money to the driver at the entrance. Please note that public transport does not operate at night.

The best way to order a taxi is through Uklon, Hub Taxi or OnTaxi applications. A trip from the train station to the centre (3 km) will cost about 50 hryvnias.
from ₴ 29
Even though the cycling infrastructure of the city leaves much to be desired, a walk through the pine forest on Baranivka or along the river Psel will delight every fan of two-wheeled transport. You can rent a bicycle at the following addresses:

Bicycle rental Sumy is located at 14 Voskresenska Street, near the Astoria Club. The cost of rent per hour on weekdays starts from 40 hryvnias, per day - 220 hryvnias. The guys even have a tandem bike.

Companies like Trump Active Sport at 1/3 Terezova Street and at 1 Dargomizhskogo Street. .
A selection of cycling routes in and nearby the city
The second option of getting to Sumy from the capital is by UkrZaliznytsia train. Direct high-speed train "Kyiv-Sumy" departs once a day and arrives in less than 4.5 hours.

Ціни на добову оренду квартир в Сумах недорогі: найнижчий цінник на українському сайті Dobovo (аналогу Airbnb) $11, максимальний – $45, та й вибрати є з чого. Перевірити варіанти апартаментів на Airbnb і Booking теж варто, але
зазвичай вони трохи дорожче, оскільки орієнтовані на іноземців.
Ціни на добову оренду квартир в Сумах недорогі: найнижчий цінник на українському сайті Dobovo (аналогу Airbnb) $11, максимальний – $45, та й вибрати є з чого. Перевірити варіанти апартаментів на Airbnb і Booking теж варто, але
зазвичай вони трохи дорожче, оскільки орієнтовані на іноземців.

Prices for daily rent of apartments in Sumy are inexpensive: the lowest price tag on the Ukrainian site Dobovo (similar to Airbnb) is UAH 325, the maximum is UAH 1,290, and there are some options to choose from. It is worth checking the apartments on Airbnb and Booking, but they are usually a bit more expensive because they are aimed at foreigners as their target audience.
If you are in the category of solo travellers, then Manna Kasha Hostel is what you need. They call themselves a boutique design hostel and the look of the rooms fully confirms this. You will appreciate the cleanliness, style and courtesy of the staff, and even shed a tear when you learn that there is a TV room with a Netflix subscription. For 239 UAH you can book a bed in a dormitory, or stay in a family room for 650 UAH. And for another 70 UAH, count on a delicious nutritious breakfast.
Church, main street, river, square ... This is a brief description of what surrounds the Voskresensky Hotel. A single room can be booked for UAH 540, and a double room for UAH 690. Breakfast is available at an additional cost of UAH 110.
In the sleeping area on the banks of the river Psel, you can stay in the Zdybanka hotel. The building houses not only a hotel but also a restaurant and a sauna. The only downside is poor sound insulation. Prices for double rooms start from 700 UAH, and a suite with a view of Psel will cost about 1300 UAH. Breakfast is available at an additional cost of UAH 150.
Hotel Vesela Bdzhilka is cleverly hidden in the private sector of one of the central areas, so if you are looking for peace and quiet within walking distance of the main attractions then it is a good option. The atmosphere is "homely", there is a shared kitchen, where, if desired, you can cook a meal. A standard double room will cost UAH 540.
The Reikartz Sumy Business Hotel is located in the business and historical centre of the city. At the hotel, you will find a good restaurant, in the same building - a Scandinavian confectionery, and in the district, there are many restaurants for every taste and budget. For a single room with breakfast, you will have to pay 835 UAH.
If you suddenly want luxury in your life, then as an option you can consider a four-star Premier Hotel Shafran (Шафран). The name seems to suggest that the interior of the hotel has eastern motives. Shafran, by the way, is a favourite place for popular artists to stay in... and weddings. That's why spending the night there on Saturday is not the best idea. The double room with breakfast is UAH 1275.
We suggest you start the walk from the Trinity Cathedral, which was built at the expense of the most famous Sumy philanthropist and sugar manufacturer Kharitonenko. Visitors of the city often compare it to St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, but locals will always keep telling them that it is unique.

Continue your walk along the most gothic street of the city, Troyits’ka, and when you reach the river Psel, go to the favourite place of local children Fairytale Park. At the entrance, you will be met by a huge cat in boots, and in the park, you will find Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Mowgli and other fairy-tale characters ...
Then go to the Holy Resurrection Cathedral, which is built in the Cossack Baroque style. The building of the cathedral has several independent floors, which makes it unique from an architectural point of view.

Next to the Resurrection Cathedral, you will find the fountain-monument to the Bag. Have you not forgotten the legend of the three bags full of gold? On the same street you will find a monument to sweet-tooth children, reminiscent of the sugar past of the city, and a sign "I'm waiting because I love."

On the parallel street, the Transfiguration Cathedral is located, which is undoubtedly one of the hallmarks of the city. Hard to believe, but a brick factory was specially built for its construction. Moreover, it is the only Orthodox church in the world with Catholic sculptures on the dome.
Further, you will see another monument to refined sugar, consisting of many cubes. There was a long debate on the meaning of the only metal cube in the monument, which began to rust. Some joke that it is a warning of tooth decay, while others say it is an alloy of materials left over from a ruined sugar factory, and rusty stains are tears.

If you were in Sumy and did not reach the Al’tanka, then you have not been to Sumy. After all, it is not just a gazebo, but a real symbol of the city!
At the entrance to the Peter and Paul Cemetery you will see the Walk of Fame of the fallen ATO soldiers, and a little further nearby the Peter and Paul Church you will find the grave of the Kharitonenko family. The sculptures are made of white marble by the famous French sculptor Aristide Croisy, whose works adorn the gardens of the Palais Royal and the Louvre. And in the southern part of the cemetery, you will see an unusual 8-meter pyramid, the origin of which is still unknown.
Behind the memorial of eternal glory, you will find the stairs leading to the river. You can walk to the park of culture and recreation, named after the native of the Sumy region, fighter pilot Ivan Kozhedub. Locals call the park "grown-up" as opposed to "Fairytale". Take a ride on a Ferris wheel for 30 hryvnias and enjoy the city view.
Walk around the city

Memorial of eternal glory, a monument to an unknown soldier, Alyosha ... There are many names, but the meaning is the same. A place where you can be alone with your thoughts and admire the view of the city. In the same square, you will find a T-34 tank, an M-30 howitzer and a contact sculpture of a veteran.
You can rent kayaks for a tour from Vidchaydukhy from 400 hryvnias for a double or single kayak. They will also help you with other equipment from ₴ 400
from ₴400
Sup boards
Sup-boards and inflatable kayaks can be rented for tours from or Haydamak_team from 80 hryvnias per hour. You can swim both within the city and arrange a countryside trip for the company.
In winter, we recommend you to reach the village of Tokari, where you can find several facilities for renting ski equipment: Sumy State University and the Olympic training facility of Dynamo. The cost of ski rental starts from 20 hryvnias per hour.
Skating rink
Also in the cold season, there are open-air skating rinks in the city, where you can rent the appropriate equipment: the largest skating rink is Avanhard Stadium, also there is a rink at Tribuna Park, and a small rink is built each year in the city centre on Independence Square.
from ₴60
from ₴20
from ₴80
The city has two academic theatres, one family theatre and a philharmonic. Every spring, Sumy hosts the Chekhov Fest, which brings together not only Ukrainian theatre troupes but also foreign ones. Anton Chekhov came to this city several times; there is a quote "Abbazia and the Adriatic Sea are wonderful, but Luka and Psel are better" carved on his monument in the "grown-up" park.
The theatre has a very diverse repertoire, which includes both anti-apocalyptic extravaganza and comedy in the folk style based on Chekhov's stories. Ticket prices range from 40 to 250 hryvnia.
from ₴40
In the early 2000s, the organ from the Trinity Cathedral was moved to the regional philharmonic, so we highly recommend visiting it for a concert of organ music.
Despite the name, the theatre's repertoire includes performances for all ages, including evening presentations for adults. Prices range from 40 to 70 hryvnias.
Nyankin Family Theater
The theatre was created on the initiative of professional actors who wanted to do, sometimes even provocative, performances in an independent space. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Apart from the Nyankin Theater, there is also a Misto S theatre studio and the Trafaret youth drama theatre in Sumy, the announcements of which can be found on their social networks.
To see some masterpieces go to the Onatsky Art Museum (1, Pokrovskaya Square). There you can admire the works of Shishkin, Kuindzhi, Levitan, Vasnetsov, Serov and Aivazovsky. The price of an adult ticket is 15 hryvnias. A tour guide service will cost you 300 hryvnias. Do not forget to return to the museum building in the evening, because it is beautifully illuminated!
Do not forget to visit the house-museum of Chekhov (79, Chekhov St.). It used to be the estate of the Lintvarev family, where Anton Chekhov stayed. You may not be impressed by the museum's exposition, but the guide's heartfelt stories will not leave you indifferent. The entrance to the museum is 6 hryvnias, and the tour is 60 hryvnias.
If you want to get acquainted with the history of the region, we recommend visiting the regional museum of local lore (2, Gerasim Kondratiev St.), which is located in a historic building with caryatids. There is also its branch at 2, Pokrovskaya St. Admission to the museum for adults costs 20 hryvnia, and the cost of an individual tour for a group of up to three people will be 150 hryvnia.

Also in the heart of the city you can visit the Sumy City Gallery (27, Soborna St.) with exhibitions of contemporary art. Admission is usually free.
Sumy has a large number of street art. We collected and marked all the murals on the map, as well as created a route for the walk.

If you do not have much time, then at least try to find in the city centre "The Kiss" by Klimt (3/5, Voskresens’ka St.), "Song of Joy and Sorrow" by Vasnetsov (1, Kozatsky Val St.) and the Mona Lisa dressed in a Ukrainian embroidered shirt (1, Cooperatyvna St.).
Scandinavian cafe Fika (1, Voskresens’ka St.) uses coffee beans roasted by the Swedish company Löfbergs. This is already a reason to pop in! More than this, you will enjoy the stylish interior of IKEA, homemade desserts and many electrical sockets. Fika brews your favourite drink from 7 am on weekdays and from 8 am on weekends.

If you need to work with a laptop, while eating candy, then BOTTLE & CUP (4, Kuznechna St.) is another good option. Moreover, in the evening you will be able to treat yourself to a glass of dry red there.
For inexpensive pastries and coffee, go to Fransua Cafe (3, Pokrovs’ka Square). Be prepared for the queue during rush hour, because the place is very popular among locals.
If you find yourself shopping in the Manufaktura shopping mall, make a coffee break at the Koshka coffee shop (2, Kharkivs’ka St.) on the ground floor. We advise you to take a nut cappuccino and macaron, they are cool there.

Coffeeman (16, Gerasim Kondratiev St.). One of the few places in Sumy where you can have brewed filter coffee.
Holiday coffeeshop (Shevchenka, 4). Very instagramable place, immersed in the greenery of houseplants. Take a cheesecake there, you will thank us later.
If your trip to Sumy coincides with diet, then low-calorie desserts without sugar, gluten and lactose will be waiting in La Fit Bakery (1, Kharkivs’ka St.) Prices are above-market, for example, the cost of an eclair is 45 hryvnia, but harmless sweets are especially noteworthy.
Don Key Hot (2/1, Kharkivs’ka St.). Here is good coffee, but even more divine eclairs that are almost impossible to catch (they are bought up in no time). By the way, here you can buy handmade buckwheat candies “Hrechka Sweets” and smoked pears in chocolate, which are made in Sumy.
For the best "Napoleon" (a cake made of thin layers of pastry with custard filling) locals will send you to Cappuccino (22, Gerasim Kondratiev St.). Prices are a bit high, but you can do everything for a perfect piece of cake.
Espresso room (32, Soborna St.) and Flat white (2/1, Kharkivs’ka St.) are also excellent coffee shops in the city centre, which are worth giving a try.
Over the last couple of years, Sumy has experienced a real bakery boom: more than 10 new places have been opened. You can treat yourself to fresh pastries in the Malen’ka Pekarnya (33, Soborna St.; 22/1, T. Shevchenko Avenue), and in the evening you can even do it with a 20% discount.

Persha pekarnya tvoho mista (34 Soborna St.; 12, Illinska St.) is also located on the central streets, where you can have coffee at a discount until 10 am.

The largest chain of bakeries in the city is the Simeyna pekarnya (2, Levanevskoho St.; 105, Kursky Avenue). Their doors are open from 7 am.

And in the bakery Chef's Bakery (7/1, M. Lushpy Avenue) you can not only try real croissants but also watch the process of their baking. They are cooked without yeast.
Blynok vendor kiosks are scattered all over the city (2, Kharkivs’ka St.; 10, Internatsionalistiv St.), where pancakes with fillings from banana with chocolate to salmon are cooked right in front of your eyes.

You can eat cheaply and deliciously in the chain of cafes with home cooking Ridne Misto (19, Kooperativna St.; 27, Gerasima Kondratieva St.; 20, Prokofieva St.; 9, Privokzalna Square) and Sityy Pan (56, Petropavlivska St.; 10, Chernihivska St.).

In Bilyi Nalyv (28, Soborna St.) everything costs 29 hryvnias: cider, liqueur, oysters and hot dogs. Fast, tasty, in the downtown.

Chekhoff's (2/2, Kozatsky Val St.) is famous for its liqueurs with the most unexpected tastes, for dinners and a very friendly atmosphere. Do not be surprised if the waiter decides to talk to you about life or ask how was your day because the creation of comfort and family atmosphere is the main philosophy of this place.

For a glass of excellent beer, ribs and real Ukrainian bacon, go to the Cossack Brewery (3, Terezova St.). It is a perfect spot for a noisy company.
The Mix (25, Taras Shevchenko Avenue). You need to go there for sunsets and a city view. The menu includes dishes from around the world, which, can be explained by the name of the restaurant.

If after a long walk you do not have the strength to leave the room, then order delivery of a kilogram of sushi for 399 hryvnias in Kilogramm Sushi Project (26, Taras Shevchenko Avenue).

A good breakfast and dinner place in the city centre is Albion (15, Pokrovskaya Square). In the warm season ask for a table on the terrace, it's especially cosy.
Cafe Be happy (6, G. Kondratieva St.) is one of the favourite places of local moms, because there is a children's area, homemade desserts and always smiling waiters. Be sure to try eclairs and mushroom puree.

Crocodile (16, Gagarin St.). Europea16, Gagarin St.ish interior and casual atmosphere.

For a healthy diet, go to the gastronomic club «Mysli est» (15, Zalivna St.). From 9 am the restaurant offers complex breakfasts from 59 hryvnias.

The architectural project of the Sazha restaurant (9, Kharkivs’ka St.) was once nominated for the international architectural award Building of the Year Awards, and the institution itself has repeatedly become a nominee among the best meat restaurants in Ukraine.

If you suddenly miss Georgian cuisine, look for khachapuri and khinkali in Puri Marili (1, Kharkivs’ka St.) and Stumari (1, Voskresens’ka St.).

A good place to bring your mother to is Italiamo (1, Kharkivs’ka St.). The name itself tells about the dishes on the menu. A lunch set with 4 meals and a drink will cost you 89 hryvnias.
One of the new places that declares itself as “for youth” is Foodie (4, Kondratieva St.). The menu has a large selection of dishes from different cuisines of the world. The cost of a small pizza starts from 35 hryvnias, salads from 57 hryvnias.

Other good options for restaurants with Italian cuisine are Viva Olive (2/1, Kharkivs’ka St.), Verde by La Spezia (5, Pokrovskaya Square) and La Spezia (29/1, M. Lushpa Avenue).

It often happens when you decide to hang out with a company of friends in the evening, one craves karaoke, another wants to conquer the dance floor, and the third is for calm dinner. In Sumy, there is a solution to this riddle - (17, Lermontova St.). Before going there check out a calendar of events, just in case, you may be able to get to a dance master class, a local band concert or a meeting of the Girlboss women's business community.

Modjo (48, Soborna St.) is perfect for karaoke lovers. Your soul can sing here until 5 am!

Good night clubs of the city: Astoria (14, Voskresenskaya St.), Marinad (Lavina shopping mall, 3rd floor), Dialog (30, Kharkivs’ka St.).
The Tribuna Park art platform is a great place on the territory of the stadium with various events, concerts, fairs and a food court (Jubileynyi Stadium, 11 Gagarina St.). If you have time, it is worth a visit.

In summer, you can plan your trip to get to a party or event in the art space of the Green Theater (in the park named after I. Kozhedub). An excellent example of how local active youth on their own turned the abandoned summer stage of the park into a favourite pastime place for locals.

Baraboss Bar (1, Kozatsky Val St.). More than 40 types of strong beverages, various snacks and burgers. They work until 2 am on weekends and up to 1 am on weekdays.

The main places for shopping in Sumy are the shopping malls Manufaktura (2/2, Kharkivs’ka St.) and Lavina (4, M. Lushpy Avenue).

In Show room 18 (2a, Kuznechna St.) you can find cool things by Ukrainian designers at affordable prices.

If you have dreamed of a Ukrainian embroidered shirt, then you should go to a showroom of designer embroidered shirts Svoye (2b, Kozatsky Val St., office A8) or in the boutique of modern embroidery "Vyshyvanka by Masik Valeriy" (16/2, Prokofieva St.)

For marvellous postcards, we advise you to look at bookstore (44, Soborna St.). We hope that there are still romantics who send letters via post to loved ones and friends. To send a postcard from Ukraine, for example, to Belarus will cost about 42 UAH. Look for a Ukrposhta branch on its website.

And you can buy chocolate with the historical sights of the city of Sumy in the cafe Don Key Hot. Find out more about the project on the author's page.

Some useful stuff
Cukr is the city's online magazine, which you are actually reading right now. And our telegram chat, where you can ask for advice when travelling.

Tourist portal of the city of Sumy, where you can find everything and even a city tour with a virtual guide, created with augmented reality (AR) technologies.

Current events guide (concerts, performances and festivals) of the city with the possibility of buying tickets online.

Ukrzaliznytsia website, where you can buy train tickets online.

If you plan to go from another country then you can order any goods in Ukraine with delivery to Sumy; “Nova Poshta” service will deliver it in a maximum of 2-3 days.

In Sumy, most people are fluent in both Ukrainian and Russian, young people speak basic English. The local citizens are hospitable, in any incomprehensible situation, feel free to contact passers-by or pop in some Centres of foreign languages (Polyglot, Green Apple, etc.).

Almost everywhere you can pay by card, but not on public transport. Therefore, a little cash with you will not hurt.

We wish you a good trip and welcome to Sumy!

Author of the text: Anastasiia Yezhova.
Design: Anastasia Kravtsova.
Used photos: Maksym Sakhno, Oleksandr Hudym, Serhiy Kukha, Olena Vytska, Serhii Maliuk vi_lena_art, production_sk, Контакти ua, I go to world, Department of Culture, Depo Суми, The Sumy post, Sumy city website “0542 ua”, Sumy today, Гадяч сіті, Агенція промоції “Суми”, Bike in city and from the business pages mentioned in the guide.

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